Monday, 8 November 2010


So with my departure from Hertfordshire to study Wildlife Conservation in Canterbury, Kent it meant I was given a whole new range of habitats and species we lack in Hertfordshire.

Waders ranging from curlews to turnstones, brent geese, harriers of various forms and the promise of Nightjars in the spring.

After a meeting with a lecturer at uni about the local sites to me and what I could expect to see, I was raring to go.

After securing myself my transport for the year – a squeaky bike with the most uncomfortable saddle ever I was ready to get out and explore.

Right outside my flat is the Crab and Winkle way, a cycle path leading from Canterbury to Whitstable. From Whitstable I headed out of the ‘urban’ area to the small town of Seasalter with it’s shingle beach I was soon spotting my first waders.

As the tide came in turntstones, ringed plovers and dunlin began to congregate on the beach and I lay down and was soon surrounded by roosting waders.

Some decided they didn’t want to be with their fellow waders clearly…

All the waders were fairly tolerant of me, I reckon the dog walkers thought I was bit strange through doing my best seal impression sliding across the beach on my belly.

On the subject of seals I found I have my own small population in the Swale estuary.

Along the seawall goldfinches bounced about the bushes and the added bonus of a friendly wheatear followed me along the wall.

With the sun setting and the tide well out I was ready to head home as the waders were miles out before I came across this godwit right by the shore and after some stealth belly crawling I was ready to get some shots.

It seemed to have a broken leg but this didn’t stop it from feeding successfully and staying healthy.

On my cycle home I saw a few more godwits having a little scuffle out on the shingle.

Kent certainly has a lot to offer and I have explored hardly any of it yet so look forward to a lot more photos to come!


  1. Ah Seasalter I spent quite a few days there last winter looking for snow buntings and other birds but only ever managed a nice pic of a meadow pipit!

    Did your lecturer tell you about Stodmarsh NNR/Grove Ferry?

    Great Pics btw

  2. Thanks guys

    Been twice to Stodmarsh including today where i guided 1/3 of my class around, distant marsh harriers, little egret, snipe, green sandpiper and brief views of bearded tits. But no good photos.

    My aim is to see some Snow buntings soon! Got them at reculver but a trek out there.